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Coo profile

Corporate Chief Operating Officer, Ltd. – Profile

Corporate Chief Operating Officer (CCOO) was established in 1999 and today numbers  over 450 members that include the leading companies in
Israel’s economy, with an annual turnover of over $30 million. Member companies represent the high-tech, communications, trade, food, industrial, security, ad nservice spheres. The CCOO vision:

To serve as a “professional home” for the executive operations chain of various industries, both internally and in the wider Israeli economy

Purposes of the COO

To create a forum that will serve as a base for information exchange, experience, and technological innovation between colleagues grappling with challenges, and to act as a leading force within organizations and in society in the third millennium

To serve as a meeting point between senior managers to generate cooperation between businesses and industries

To initiate activities designed to improve professional expertise in the areas of operations, logistics, and purchasing

To stimulate joint interface between organizations and government agencies to further operational goals

To create synergy with leading forces in Israel and abroad

To carry out benchmarking in the industrial sector, or in lateral sectors, of joint processes

To establish common ground between operational forces that affect the economy and academia, for the purpose of forging a future generation that will carry forward operations as a leading and dominant force into the third millennium

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